Thursday, June 30, 2022

Say no to booblights.

It's so lovely being home!
It's so nice being in my own bed!
Christian and I both woke up around 3:00 am.
Jetlag is really a doozy. 

Around 6:00, I got up and started the day.
I unloaded our suitcases, began the wash and started making a plan 
for our move-out from The House on the 6th in 2 weeks!
I was feeling a little overwhelmed, especially since when 1:00
rolled around, I was dead.
Claire sent us her RETURN information!!
She leaves Brazil on July 19th and gets to Raleigh on the 20th!
We're hoping we'll be able to bring her home to Stillested!

Tonight we all drove to The Home Depot.
We spend a lot of time there.
We've ordered most of the kitchen appliances, kitchen sink (it's black!),
and things for the bathroom, including new tile and flooring,
 my white countertops, a new front door, and lighting for most of the house.
(Say NO to booblights!  This house is full of them!)
Next week a load of fresh soil will be delivered. 
I'm going to gut the front landscaping, start over, and plant
 hydrangeas and lavender bushes.

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