Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Probably would

 Happy June!
One of my favorite things about living on the golf course is when
it's dusk, and all the golfers are gone; we can go outside and putt
around on the 6th hole.
Tonight was extra special because Gigs was working and called me to tell me
he would be driving past the house to do his end-of-the-day sweep-through.
We all ran outside just as he zipped past us in his cart.
I yelled,
"Gigs, Gigs!!!! I'm coming, wait, WAAAIIITTTT!"
He zipped right on past me with a wave.
And this was the only photo I got:
Later I asked him why he didn't stop, and he told me
that he was with his buddy, and he knew I'd probably make
a big deal about him working, and I'd probably take tons of photos,
and probably make him feel stupid.

All factual statements, and I couldn't argue with him.

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