Thursday, June 02, 2022

But I wasn't in my car....

Today was Lottie's field day at school.  Ahh, the end-of-the-year festivities. 
Good times!  I loaded her with sunscreen,
 packed her bag with snacks and water, and then
sent her in the car with Jane, who dropped her off before work.
I had an appointment in Chapel Hill that morning 
and couldn't be a parent volunteer
for the much-anticipated field day.
And she desperately wanted me to.
I'll send treats, money, or whatever; I just hate field day!
As I was driving home from my appointment later that morning
I started to feel guilty for being the worst mom and not volunteering
at field day, so I decided to ride to her school to see if I could see her.
The parking lot was closed off and surrounded by a few police cars 
guarding the park since there was a
strict no-parent or car rule.
But I wasn't in my car; I was on the motorcycle and was easily able to
go to another area of the parking lot and squeeze my way through 
the trees just to see if I could see Lottie, and sure enough, she was
practically right in front of me, just
about to embark on the giant bouncy house slide.
I yelled to her, and she yelled back and pointed at me, telling all 
her friends that I was her mom on the motorcycle!
She came running up to me, and we hugged; then, I could see out of the corner
of my eye, a police officer headed my way.
I told Lod I had to hurry and go, and she hugged me again 
and thanked me for coming.
"Maggie, this is my mom," she yelled to her friend who
was with another group of kids watching us.
I quickly fixed her hat and added one more blob of sunscreen under her eyes
then jetted out of there just as the officer was getting closer.

It turned out that I'm not the worst mother in the world,
but perhaps the coolest?

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