Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Days 1, 2 & 3 in Africa.

 Today was lots of traveling, airplanes, sleeping, and movie watching.  
I also successfully drank a 12-pack of 
Ginger Ale during all the plane flights.
It tasted so good and seemed to be very calming.
I didn't need my Xanax on this trip!!
I did my breathing and took a ZzzQuil.
That was adequate and knocked me right out!
We sent a postcard to the Nies and my mom (Mom, did you get it?)
 from Amsterdam, then ran into some friends, Mary and Craig
who traveled to Africa for a humanitarian trip.  
What a fun surprise!
When we landed in Tanzania, we were met by our K2 guides
and taken to the Summit Lodge in Arusha, where we'd spend the
following three nights prepping for the hike.
In the morning, we were taken to downtown Moshi at the market.
We bought some needed bracelets for the kids.
It was so overwhelming.  I wanted to buy something from every stand,
but after the first five stands, I was done.
We had a team meeting at dinner to discuss our schedule.
We are in SUCH good hands.  
Kevin and Kristin with K2 have been excellent.  
I'm all set with them, Christian and Dr. Foster!

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