Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Once an Arizonian, always an Arizonian.


This afternoon I got home from my Barre3 class with Jane
and we found Christian outside laying on a towel without his shirt
and shorts pulled up.
It's not unusual for him to take 20 minutes at high noon to soak up the sun.
He's told me all our marriage that he can't live without the hot sun on his skin
like a sun-deprived plant; he wilts away without consistent sun. 
I guess today he was feeling a little deprived.
It's no secret that I felt the opposite when we lived in Arizona.
Too much sun made me feel depressed ad annoyed.
I ached for a big storm that would encircle our house, shutting down
everything like events, work, and school for weeks at a time.
We've had to compromise a little bit in our marriage
with these polar opposite ideals.

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