Wednesday, May 18, 2022


This morning after I dropped Lottie off at school, Christian and I packed
 the motorcycle into the back of his truck,
  and we drove it to the Siler City DMV for my motorcycle skills test.
While waiting my turn, I watched another biker man FAIL
his skills test.  He actually CRASHED his bike.
Dumped it.
That didn't help my nerves.
When it was my turn, I geared up and took my place at the start.
My first test was to serpentine about 20 cones doing both left
and right turns.
I NAILED it.  Totally perfect.
When I returned to the officer, she said that that was the 
hardest of the tests, and since I NAILED it, I could skip a few
of the other tests.  I did three different tests and NAILED them all!
Like, 100%!!!!
Christian and I celebrated by riding our bikes to lunch.
Now, it's official.  
(I love you, mom! ;)

 RIP, ghost pinkie.
I've adjusted pretty well without you, my friend.
Can't wait to see you again someday.

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