Monday, May 21, 2018

A healthy future

I am home from surgery,
and my left pinkie has been successfully amputated. GONE.
I am in considerable pain, and typing isn't helping.
So, a quick thank you (so much) for your prayers and well wishes!!
And a big thank you to:
Claire, for helping me change in and out of my clothes each day.
Jane, for rubbing lotion on my body and watching BBC documentaries with me.
Oliver, for holding my braids back while I throw up.
Nicholas, for escorting me in and out of bed and to and from the bathroom.
Charlotte, for "reading" me stories from Lindsay's  Roald Dahl collection.
Lindsay, for concocting me special drinks that magically show
 up on my nightstand when I wake up from naps.
Mr. Nielson, for everything, but especially for setting your timer
 to feed me pills at all hours of the day and night so I can stay ahead of my pain.
The Mayo Clinic/staff for treating me more like I was at a spa than a hospital.
And finally, Dr. Letteri, for giving me a healthy future. 

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