Sunday, May 01, 2022

Happy May!

 Happy May!
2022 just keeps marching on!
Sundays are inevitably busy days for me, especially as I serve 
as the Relief Society president in our congregation.
I usually make visits after church and minister to sisters in their homes.
Often, Christian comes with me as my companion, but there
are times when he can't, so I wrangle a Nie to go with me to these visits.
Today Gigs joined me in visiting an older sister who is homebound.
We brought her flowers and listened to her amazing stories of 
growing up on a farm in rural North Carolina.
Before we left, we vacuumed her living room while she
packed us a treat she had made.
I usually leave these visits feeling so grateful for the time
I got to spend learning about and from these fantastic women.
Ministering is God's work, and I do it for Him, but I am usually 
the one who feels uplifted and blessed.
Sundays are long.

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