Saturday, April 30, 2022

Prom for Oliver.

Today Oliver attended Prom!
He got ready (in his terribly messy room), and Christian helped him with
his bow tie while I searched high and low for his black belt.
It was nowhere to be found, so he slipped on his brown belt.
I was sure Gigs had it on, and I must have called him 1 million times,
but he couldn't hear because he had taken the motorcycle and
 driven to a pond near the house to catch frogs to add to his ecology world. 
(More on that later).
Anyway, Oliver's friend, Jake, showed up, and we couldn't wait 
for Gigs to get back with the black belt, 
so the boys left to pick up their dates 
and then came back to take photos.
Luckily, Gigs was back in time with the black belt, as I suspected,
(and about 4 frogs and new plants to propagate and harvest).
Earlier that morning, I made blood orange syrup for mocktails
for them to drink to celebrate Prom and all that jazz.
I also made Oliver's date, and Ella her wristlet using Hellebore's
 from my backyard.

Jake's family showed up to take cute photos of the gang.
Then they headed out to dinner in Chapel Hill in Jake's car.
Shortly after we said our goodbyes, Ollie called me and said
Jake got two flat tires and needed us to bring the truck to drive, which we did, and they still made it on time for their dinner reservation! 
Later that evening, while Christian and I waited for Oliver to come home,
he turned into Dr. Nielson and scalped off a bunion thing on
my right foot while we asked Alexa to play the music
we listened to it at our Proms in the late 90s.
And that was really romantic.
Ollie came home later that night and sat on my bed 
and told us all about Prom while texting friends
 the post-prom report. 

Then he fell asleep on my bed.

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