Friday, May 06, 2022

Evening Ride

 I don't think there is a prettier state than North Carolina to ride
a motorcycle in. I mean, it's gorgeous here!
The windy roads are long with endless trees and green for miles and miles.
One of my favorite past-times has been riding on the back of
Christian's motorcycle for a ride or a date together.
Now that I have my own bike, I can ride behind Christian but this
time on my own bike, and I'm really enjoying it.
This evening after dinner, we drove around, loving
the beautiful spring weather.
We pulled over into a church parking lot to watch the sunset.
I ordered me my own helmet, but it hasn't arrived yet, 
so I've been using one of Ollie's helmets from his vast collection.
He seriously has like 10. You know, he's so obsessed with helmets
and safety, so after we bought my bike, he helped me pick out a helmet.  
So I know I will be ultra-safe.
And cool, too.
When we came home, Ollie was at the table playing the guitar
with his helmet on. (Of course, he was).
Then I helped Jane decide if she wanted to cut bangs before her mission.
I think they'd look so cute!!
But the verdict is still out.

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