Friday, April 08, 2022

We'll be back!

Today Oliver and I went to the DMV so he could get his level 3 license. 
 He's a big boy now and can drive with friends in the car.
We had fun waiting for sixteen hours at the DMV.
While we waited, we looked up cool motorcycles, helmets, and 
90's clothes and haircuts that he really likes (Harvey Kinkle!!).
While waiting, we also picked up a motorcyclist's handbook to
study to someday get our motorcycle licenses.

After Ollie got his photo taken for this new license,
 I casually told the DMV employee that I was
interested in getting my motorcycle license, and she said to me,
"Do you want to take the knowledge test on the computer now?"
"Ummm, ok, I guess," I said very reluctantly.
I was shocked she suggested it since I didn't have an appointment 
and about 500 people were still in the waiting room.
I couldn't pass up this opportunity.
So I did, and I failed.  It was much harder than I thought.
But we'll be back!

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