Thursday, April 07, 2022

Just Add Water

When Claire and Jane were Lottie's age, they were
 really into a TV show called "H2O: Just Add Water".
It's an incredible Australian fantasy teen drama about three regular
girls who discover they have magical powers and turn into mermaids when 
they get wet.  The girls watched that show religiously on the weekends.
Now Lottie has discovered this incredible masterpiece thanks to Jane's
suggestions, and almost every night
after dinner, they watch it together on the couch.

We're happy to have Kyle & Emily, my niece from Ohio, 
visiting while Kyle does an internship at the hospital.
Tonight we had dinner, and then for dessert, I pulled out every treat
I had in the house.

And Lottie loves having another few bodies to add to 
her epic Among Us games.

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