Thursday, April 28, 2022

Motorcycle Madness

Today Christian and I drove to Georgia, which is about six hours away
 to buy a motorcycle.
Oliver had been in contact with a dude there who had his dream 
motorcycle.  Oliver recently sold his KTM to upgrade to a Yamaha.
 I don't know what makes it amazing, but according to Ollie,
it's impressive.  The dude in Georgia sent him photos of the bike; 
they talked like every day for weeks, and Christian promised Ollie
he'd go pick it up for him since the dude could only meet on a weekday.
When we got there, the motorcycle was NOT what the photos showed
AND, the dude thought the tachometer was the odometer.
The dude said the bike had only been ridden for twelve hours,
but he was terribly mistaken since the motorcycle was worn and dirty.
Anyway, long story short, we drove to Georgia only to be disappointed,
but on the flip side, Christian and I got to spend
 a whole day together in the car
which in my mind is the best kind of date.
Somewhere between the South Carolina/North Carolina
state line Ollie sent us another text about another dude in Nort Carolina
who was selling the exact same bike, newer year, better condition,
but a little more expensive.
We checked it out and were so glad we did
 because it was a beautiful bike, good as new,
and this dude was cool, honest, and super friendly.
And he threw in extra tires and gear, too!
We didn't tell Ollie we bought it and came home and surprised him.
The best kind of surprise!
About an hour from home Christian set up another meeting
 with another dude who was selling a 2019 Honda CRF 250.
As it turned out it was perfect for me Nicholas,
and we bought it!
It's going to be a fun summer with my boys!

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