Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Motorcycles and Missions.

Tonight Ollie taught the boys in his church quorum about motorcycles.
He's so passionate about this topic!
He brought his motorcycles to display, and of course, 
he talked a lot about the different types of helmets,
the gear, and how to ride and maintain a motorcycle.
He also told the boys that while his KTM XJ900 250 
(obviously, I don't know the exact name)
is his pride and joy now; he plans to sell it to help pay for his mission
next year.  I KNOW that will be so difficult!
Sacrificing his motorcycle, which is so precious to him, 
for a greater purpose and one of his goals shows his willingness and love
for the Lord.  I respect that so much.
I wasn't there, but I heard he did a fantastic job.
He's such a cute boy!
When he got home, I asked him if he had asked a girl(friend) at church 
if she wanted to go for a spin.
"MoooOOoOOOOoooOOm!  Why would I do that?"
Then I said, "Because girls like motorcycles."
Then he rolled his eyes at me.
He knows it's true.
In a few weeks, we're taking the motorcycle knowledge and skills class
together at the DMV.
He wants to ride his motorcycle to school,
and I've always wanted to ride for reals on the road.
(I've been riding a motorcycle since I was a little girl!).
I don't have my own motorcycle yet, but Ollie has measured me and
 picked one out, complete with the helmet.

So, maybe someday?

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