Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Motorcycles and Burdens

 Happy March!
And, Happy Birthday to my Nana in heaven!
Last Sunday, I spoke in church, and I think she would have loved to
have heard me speak- not because I am a good speaker or even that
I have anything good to share, but because I know she loves and
supports my efforts to follow Christ's example,
even though she's not on earth anymore, I still feel her.
*  * * * * *
One Sunday summer afternoon in 1988, when I was 5 years old,
 I heard the familiar sound of my 17-year-old brother, 
Matt's Honda XR 100 motorcycle.  
He was returning from taking my other brother, Andrew, around 
the neighborhood to collect fast offerings.
I was waiting outside on the lawn for Matt to return, hoping he'd give me a 
ride when he returned. As he pulled to the house, I chased
 alongside, begging Matt to take me for a ride. He parked the motorcycle, and both
 brothers jumped off, and Matt told me maybe he'd take me after dinner. 
I was very disappointed.
The brothers went inside, and instead of following them in, 
I climbed up upon the parked motorcycle, which was still hot from
 the previous ride and pretended to drive it.  
It toppled over on me, pinning me under for
 several seconds until Matt heard me yelling for help and came out.
He quickly picked up the motorcycle and then picked me up.
There perfectly burned onto my thigh were the words 
"HONDA" from the clutch guard. 
Years later, and before our family moved to North Carolina, 
Matt was serving as the bishop of our ward and called me on the
 phone and asked me if I'd serve alongside 
him as the president of our young women.
He shared with me some of the challenges the young girls were facing
 and told me that together we could help lift their burdens.
I immediately thought about the time when Matt
 rescued me from under his heavy motorcycle and how that burden was
 physically lifted, and I was saved.  

(Here's Matt sharing a story with the YW we served at
our annual YW Back to School Feast in Utah.)

I found joy, perspective, and satisfaction in serving the young women
in our congregation together with him for nearly three years.

We can find strength in times of trial and hardship by calling on the Lord. 
He may not always immediately relieve our burdens like we want, 
but I know I KNOW He will strengthen us in our time of need. 
He can make our burdens light and give us comfort through
His Spirit and many others that He puts into our lives.
 I recognized this at an early age through my brother, Matt, 
and again and again through other siblings, parents, and friends,
and I can even feel it still through my Nana, Aurora, who has passed on.
The Lord knows no bounds.
Nana, 1932

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