Friday, February 25, 2022


This morning I woke up again to Kitty crying at my door.  
So I let her in--but just for a minute.  (At least that's what I told myself).
Then I found myself making her eggs.
(Because I googled: "What do cats eat if I don't have cat food?").
But I should have googled was: "What is wrong with me?" 
because I don't even make my kid's eggs for
 breakfast, let alone a CAT, for crying out loud!
I was falling in love with Kitty.
And so was everyone else.
Every few hours, I'd get texts from Lottie's Gizmo watch
asking me if Kitty was still at the house.
Lottie has been SO EXITED to come home from school to Kitty!
Then I called the animal shelter to ask if there was someone who 
was missing a beautiful white (maybe Siamese) cat, but no one was missing a cat that fits that description.
I decided to ask neighbors if anyone was missing a cat.
I went online to missing cat forums. Nothing.
Now, what was I going to do?!
I'd have to buy cat food for her because
I mean, I don't want to make eggs for her every day!
After she gobbled down a heaping bowl of eggs, 
I let Kitty outside, and she disappeared out the back porch door.
One hour passed.  She didn't return.
Four hours, no Kitty.
I was becoming a nervous wreck, and the Nies thought
I had lost my mind.  I thought I had lost my mind!
As it was getting dark, Kitty returned, meowed at the 
door, then jumped back to her spot on the couch and fell asleep.
Where the heck did she go?
Why didn't she ask me if it was OK to leave?
So many questions.
I can tell this relationship isn't going to work for me.

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