Thursday, March 03, 2022

Kitty Returns

When I walked in the door after my Barre class,
I saw Kitty peering into the backdoor window.
Kitty had been "missing" for three days. 
She sat patiently waiting for me to open the door and probably
place her nice delicious bowl of eggs in front of her.
Nope. I'm not giving in, plus, she's not even our dang cat!
After fifteen minutes of resisting, I let Kitty inside, I gave in 
because her little face was glaring into my soul!
I melted and mugged her while Jane took photos of this 
unusual scene She's just so adorable.

Christian reminded me for the 100th time that we can't keep her 
because we're renting and also he reminded me that I don't love cats
and that five of the seven of us in the family are allergic to cats.
I know, I know, I KNOW!
After mugging on her for a few minutes, and while Jane 
took photos of this unusual occurrence,
I finally let her outside where she immedienlty 
 snuggled up on the porch couch and slept until Lottie got home from school.
Lottie was overjoyed that Kitty came home!
She did her homework while Kitty lightly pranced on her computer.
Oh man, we're such suckers.
I called the pound again to see if anyone was looking for an adorable
cat with blue eyes.  No word yet.

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