Friday, March 04, 2022

Business as usual.

 Today was a busy one for us.
Being amazing and serving the Lord and the people in Brazil...obvs.

Went down to the big house to get her fingerprints
 taken to complete the necessary steps to serve for 18 months in Portugal.
She reported that the officer who processed her was really cute,
and if he had asked her to marry him right there she would have.
Just kidding, but she did say he was "super hot".

Took the ACT.  He'd been anticipating this for months.
When I picked him up from school after the test, he collapsed in the car
and fell asleep.  

Nicholas (with Ollie too):
After school went to the farm for FFA to tag and worm cattle.
Christian goes with them to help and teach.  
I love they have this together.

Just being the cutest 4th grader alive....obvs

And, yes I folded again after a FULL DAY of resisting and let Kitty inside
for the night.  She slept on my bed.

Happy Weekend!

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