Friday, February 18, 2022

Hold up! Jane is 19!.

 Today my beautiful Jane Bronwyn turns NINETEEN
which is so unthinkable to me because she'll always be my little Janey.
Early this morning, Jane and I went to our usual Barre3 workout.
Our bestie and instructor, Hope, knew it was Jane's birthday, and we worked out
to a bunch of Jane's favorite tunes; it was so fun!
She did this for Jane when she turned 17, too!
She'd have done it when she turned 18, but COVID!
I cried a few times while we working out and listening to remixes of U2 
and My Chemical Romance blasting over the speakers.
I always feel a little emotional on my children's birthdays.
They're so bittersweet!
Hope wrote Jane a cute message on the mirror in the studio and
she felt SO special and loved.
We love HOPE!
Chrisitan and Oliver showed up at the studio and surprised Jane
and joined us in class.  
What troopers! What dedication! What cute boys!
After class, we drove to Wegmans, our new favorite grocery store
(Move over Whole Foods!), and bought some fancy juices and treats.
We love fancy probiotic waters, protein & Kefir drinks,
 or things that generally sound gross.
And there is always a 50/50 chance they will be disgusting, but then again,
We've found some fantastic drinks this way.
(Like, the vanilla coconut Koia protein drink!)
Then the four of us grabbed a veggie burger for lunch at Freddy's
(they have the best fries).
I always feel bad when we leave out Nies.
I am sorry to Nicholas and Lottie, who were back at school.
(And Claire, who has been missing out since 2020).
We watched a movie together in the evening, 
opened her gifts, and ate the confetti vanilla cake I had made.  
Jane-bug, I LOVE YOU and
I couldn't be more proud of you!
I'll never forget when you popped out of me WITH RED HAIR!
It was the best surprise I'd ever been given.
You are such a treasure!

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