Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A New Friend.

Today was the first day I really felt Spring
 in the air and the earth warming up.  
After school, we all went outside and sat on the front porch.  
The boys threw the football around, and Lottie practiced her cartwheel.  
I sat near Jane while she carefully drank a smoothie with swollen cheeks.
We talked about Portugal and how we can't believe she's
 actually going there on her mission!  It's so surreal!

In the distance, we heard a cat meowing which
 gradually got louder and louder.  
The sounds were coming from across the street.  
When the noise persisted, I got a little worried
 that maybe there was a poor cat stuck in a tree or the 
gutter, so I walked across
the street and saw a white cat sitting on our neighbor's porch
 staring at the door.
But it wasn't the neighbor's cat.
Lottie ran over to the top of the road that faced the neighbor's front door
and instantly fell in love.
When the cat saw us, she stopped meowing and came over to Lottie 
and practically jumped into her arms as if to say,
"I've been found!"
Then she wouldn't leave us alone.
She followed us home and sat meowing at our door for the evening.
Before bed, Lottie made kitty a little house outside 
on our porch couch with an umbrella and blanket.
Right now, she is all cuddled up, sleeping in her little bed.
Hopefully, tomorrow she'll remember who she is and run home.
Since we're only renting The House on the 6th, we aren't allowed
to have pets...even Angus.  
(We miss him so much.  He's been living in an
 animal boarding facility.  We visit him, and when we do, I feel like
we're visiting a family member in jail, and
it's weird to have to say goodbye to him.
(Good news is, we don't anticipate this situation to last much longer).

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