Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Critter Guy.

On January 2nd (Oliver's 17th birthday), 
Nicholas Jones was ordained as a Priest in church.  
Seeing Christian, Oliver, and our Bishop
 ordain Nicholas to this great responsibility was so special!
To celebrate this honor, I gifted him with a cicada bolo tie.
Gigs has always been a critter guy.  
He loves anything that crawls or creepeth on the earth.
Yesterday I took him to the pet store and bought him a creepy black scorpion that
he's wanted for a long time.
He came home and spent the weekend crafting a perfect home for him.
On my kitchen table were paints, special glues, adhesives, 
along with a pile of other things I didn't 
even know we had, and he spent the whole weekend 
gluing together styrofoam and mixing paint colors for
 just the right hue to match the natural habitat of creepy black scorpions.
Today at home church,
(we were authorized to hold home church since we had icy weather),
my two boys, Oliver and Nicholas, blessed and passed the sacrament to 
our little family.  It was so special.
We discussed many influential leaders in the scriptures who felt inadequate to
lead, like Enoch, Moses, Moroni, and the Brother Of Jared in The Book of Mormon.
 But we learn that they were strengthened and blessed for listening and obeying
 God's words and testifying of Him and His plan.
The Lord will give us courage and guidance as we step forward with faith.
Nicholas feels similar since he just turned 15 
and took on this sacred responsibility at a young age.
But he has two beautiful examples of what a worthy man ought to be,
and I couldn't be prouder or more grateful for my boys.

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