Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Jane Hospital.

 Today marks a very exciting day for Jane!
Together we went to the doctor's office to get her medical exam 
so she can turn in her mission papers!!  
She's perfectly healthy and cleared to go, except she couldn't pee in
the test bottles.  The nurse had to bring her water, and we waited
for almost 30 minutes until finally, success!!
Afterward, we went to lunch in Chapel Hill and talked about 
a documentary Christian and I were watching about a crazy lady who
robbed an armed car and got away with it for almost twenty years.
 We talked about important stuff, too, like where she could go
on her mission and where she'd like to go (she never says).
Then we had to drive back to Siler City so she could
go to the dentist and have her mission check-up there, too.
Everything went smoothly!

I don't think I've really let this settle in.
Jane leaving, Claire gone.  It's just too much to take in.
I am beyond proud of Clane, but my heart is breaking at the same time.

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