Sunday, December 05, 2021

The Christmas Devotional 2021

 Tonight was the annual Christmas devotional.
It's a fun tradition for our family to light candles, make (and eat) 
Hygge pudding, and snuggle on the couch together
 while we enjoy the sweet Christmas spirit.
There were so many wonderful talks each with beautiful Christmas messages.
Christmas always brings some level of stress for me, but I always
look forward to this evening because it helps me feel calm, and my 
perspective of what Christmas is all about changes. It's more focused
on the Savior and his beautiful life and humble beginnings.
Also, nothing beats the Tabernacle Choir in sync 
with Gig's snoring to bring on the Yuletide joy!
“Do you have the gift of avoiding contention and of being agreeable? 
Those gifts have never been more needed — 
give them to your family, friends, and neighbors. 
Tell a wanderer you love them and invite them to your kitchen table. 
Teach an inspired lesson. Write a kind note. 
Gather others and use your gift to reach out and build Zion and
 build the people around you. God needs all kinds. 
He’s given all gifts for uplifting his children. 
Don’t let the music in you go unsung, 
the hug ungiven, the forgiveness unoffered.”

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