Wednesday, December 08, 2021

High Kick.

Today when I picked up Lottie at school, I asked her what 
 the best part of her day was, and without skipping a beat, she said to me;
"Well, I did the best high kick of my life!"
Lottie and her friends are really into cheerleading.
They have a little squad and assigned positions, 
(Lottie is the flyer).
(Me with Lucy)
Claire and Jane were never really into cheerleading growing up,
so this is kind of fun for me since I was a cheerleader.
And boy, do I love to tell her about my cheerleading days 
(my position was base).
But my stories are more about the stupid things we did.
I didn't take it seriously once.
But I loved the camaraderie with the girls and going
to all the games, and, of course, all the boys.
For Christmas, Lottie has asked for a cheer uniform with pom poms
and before bed, she sat me down and presented to me her Christmas list
 (again, for the 20th time).
She had it color-coded and taped to her wall.

Then we practiced some high kicks in her room together.

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