Friday, November 26, 2021

The Sacred Day After Thanksgiving

I happen to LOVE the day after Thanksgiving!
No shopping for me, this day is sacred.
It's the day I decorate my house for Christmas.
Down goes all the pumpkins and pretty much anything orange, 
and out comes Christmas and Hygge.  I love it.
I love pulling out Christmas decorations from boxes and having someone
 (Lottie) to get excited about it with me.
It usually goes like this:
"Oh Lod!  Look it's the wooden nutcracker dollies!  
Lod, look, I found all our Christmas books!!  
Look, Charlotte, remember this ornament? 
Oh my gosh, Lottie! I found the Norwegian trolls from Umi!"
We listen to Christmas music 
(anything goes now, except The Grinch song,
Happy Xmas (War is Over),
Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer, and Little Drummer Boy.
I skip those every time.)
The second Jane got home from work in the late afternoon,
I pounced on her and asked her to help me hang the wreaths
 on the outside house windows.  
She barely had time to take her coat off.
Jane: "But mom! The only thing I could think about at work was
going home and eating the sweet potato casserole leftovers."
Me: "We're running out of daylight.  Decorate now, eat later."
 Then I almost died getting on the roof to hang the wreaths on all the windows.
Just kidding, I'm just being dramatic.
But I did pretend to almost fall once.
When it was dusk, (and finally after eating some leftovers),
Jane and Lottie went to babysit Hope's cute kids for the evening,
and I was home alone.
The boys had left super early in the morning for the horse ranch to work.
Christian is welding today.
I love that my boys will have learned these skills from him.
Christian is a Renaissance man, and it's one of the reasons why I married him.
But they did call me later in the evening to meet them for dinner.

We came home to a lit-up decorated house.
I love when we're driving home and spot our house and I say to the family,
"Oh, look at that house, I bet a really cute family lives inside."
Then Christian will say as he's turning into the driveway,
"I bet they're so nice to each other all the time, should we go see?"
It never gets old.
Then we did what we Nielsons do best;
we lit candles and watched more movies.
This weekend I was prepared with popcorn and Junior Mints.

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