Thursday, November 18, 2021

Hygge time

Do you know what time it is?  HYGGE PUDDING TIME!
This is a huge deal around our house!
This is our favorite winter dessert.
I make a batch of it almost every week in the winter months

and today was my first time making it.
It kind of kicks off our Hygge winter holiday life 
and everyone looks forward to it.
Last time I talked to sister Nielson in Brazil I asked her what she is
missing most right now and of course, she said Hygge pudding.
I love when I am alone in the house and everyone is either
at school or work and I can listen to all the Christmas music
that no one likes (Mannheim Steamroller anyone??).
I can listen to it at level 10 if I want to and sometimes I do.

Today when Gigs got home from school and Jane from work
they helped me put fresh batteries in our Hygge window candles
and put them in every window in the house.
It's a favorite Hygge holiday tradition and it seems like every year 
we put them up earlier and earlier.
I can't get enough of these winter months!

Speaking of sister Nielson, she is doing FABULOUS!
She was just made a Sister Traning Leader.
She's such a good strong leader.
I'm so proud of her.
I say that every chance I get!

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