Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Autumn Glow

I woke up this morning with Lottie in my bed.
She must have had a bad dream or something because when
 I woke up she was snoozing cuddled in between me and Christian.
I was taken back at the beauty out my window.
The glow from the leaves lit up my room, 
the color was incredible!
The world outside is amazing right now.
Sometimes when I'm driving around town I am in awe
at this beautiful earth, I live on.
In my perfect world fall would dominate most of the year
with winter coming in a very close second.
I love summer and spring, but not nearly as much as the colder months.
I think the Nies would all say the same thing.
Well, maybe not Christian.  
He's an Arizona boy and needs the sun every now and then
to charge up his batteries.
I feel the opposite and find energy and vigor on gloomy days.
Isn't that funny?

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