Saturday, September 25, 2021

Oliver's Homecoming

 Today was Oliver's first Homecoming Dance.  
Since we've been living out of a suitcase
 (turns out all you really need in life is one pair of jeans 
and five t-shirts in different colors), 
Ollie wore his usual suit, but we did get him a new tie!
He looked so handsome.
He picked up his date around 6:00, but in boy fashion, he sat on the
couch watching college football longer than he should have
and then was rushed to get out the door, so any photos I have of him
are blurry or he's a little impatient with me.
But I gotta get the pics!
I even got one of me and kinda him, too!
But in tricky mom fashion and after he drove off I drove to a spot I knew he'd
be driving past on his way to dinner and I flagged them down.
I made them get out of the car so I could take
a few photos of them in the middle of the road.
I know he wasn't the happiest about it,
but one day his children will thank me.
I wish we had more photos of Christian!
Have fun, Ollie!

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