Friday, September 17, 2021

Family Fri-dates.

 I know everyone looks forward to Friday, but for us, Nielsons,
they are everything!
They are the highlight of our week and usually get us through the mundane weekday.
 I pick up Lottie from school, and then we meet up with the boys and Jane, and
our first stop is Sodabox in Apex for a drink.
Sodabox is like Swig, and when it came to town, we were beyond excited!
Then we head over to 
Christian's office, where we lounge around drinking our
dirty Dr. Peppers and drawing on the whiteboard
 until he is finished with work.
Then the boys load his motorcycle on the back of the truck
and we're off for the weekend!
We choose a place for dinner and then drive around
 with the windows down and the music loud.
It's our favorite thing to do, especially since the weather is turning fall!
I am thrilled my children still want to hang out with me, Christian, 
and, more importantly, each other! 
 I realize this is a little unusual, and I will relish this as long as I can.
We call these magical days our family Fri-dates.

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