Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Date planning.

Today Ollie and I had a little Homecoming dance planning meeting.
I don't know the deal, but do kids no longer date?
In my high school, we had a date dance every month,
and honestly, it's what got me out of bed some days.
I got asked out and asked out many different boys, and it was so fun.
These days, the only date dances are Homecoming and Prom.
Maybe I'm just old.
Anyway, the other thing I've noticed is that kids don't really date, 
they basically just hang out in big giant groups.
There is nothing wrong with that, except those aren't dates!
I want my boys to ask girls out and learn to be respectful and good to them.
Open doors, pay for meals, talk to her parents, dress up,
 and feel capable and manly!
So that's what we planned he'd do.
Oliver asked his cute friend, Lucy, to go to Homecoming.
I suggested he take her on his motorcycle, but he was like;
"Mom, come on, did you think that one through?"
No, no, I didn't.  But if I was that age and my date showed up
on his motorcycle (with an extra helmet), I would have LOVED IT!
Ok, I know that was a stupid suggestion.
We decided taking the truck would be more appropriate,
and her parents would probably be a little more appreciative if it,
especially since her dad is an ER doctor.
Anyway, we made dinner reservations, bought him a new tie,
made plans to get the car cleaned, bought his Homecoming tickets,
and Jane suggested he make a Homecoming playlist for the car ride.

If I were Ollie's date, I'd be so excited.
He's such a darling, good boy!

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