Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Autumn is Here!.

Autumn is here!
The temperatures here in North Carolina are slowly dropping, 
the leaves on the trees are fading,
the shadows are different now, but the tale-tale sign its fall
is seeing tobacco leaves strewn across the sides of the roads
from the trucks transporting the harvest
 from the fields to the warehouse to be hung and dried.
When I drop Lottie off at school, we drive past several giant fields and on
these chilly mornings we see several harvesters and hands working
 to gather up the giant plants.
Each day the fields become barer and barer, and
today the last of the tobacco was picked and gathered in.
Of course, my opinion of smoking and tobacco is 
different than my nostalgic feeling about this season, but
I love this time of year.
I love the harvest of all fruits, vegetables, plants,
and the transition from summer to winter.
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