Thursday, August 05, 2021

Going back!

 Today we got the 4th-grade school supply list from Lottie's school.
This is one of the most exciting days in our family!
I mean, who wouldn't want to get new pencils, markers, glue, paper, and folders?  
(I have to admit, I bought myself a new pack of markers, too.)
While Lottie picked out her supplies,
 the boys were getting their back-to-school vaccines! Yay!
Gigs was not happy about it.
To help with his anxiety, I waited outside the door
while the boys braved the shots alone.
I think that was a smart move by me because I tend to make a big deal
over things and it especially bugs Gigs.
 Like when I gave the boys the thumbs up 
as the pharmacist was closing the door and he rolled his eyes at me.
Or like when the door opened when they had finished and the boys emerged
and I was still standing in the same place when he shut the door
and I yelled to them as if they were five years old:
Me: Gigs you're such a big boy!  You did it!
Gigs: Mom, stop. Sometimes you make things worse.

Later that evening and after work, we met Christian
for ice cream at our favorite creamery which is a cute little spot
in the middle of cornfields and cow pastures.

I'm not ready for school to be back in session.
But with Covid ruining everything last year, 
I am so excited for them!

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