Thursday, August 19, 2021

Going back to school 2021!/ Jane in Alaska.

Tonight we attended Lottie's Back to School night
 and visited her 4th-grade classroom!
This year we were thrilled to learn that her 3rd-grade teacher,
Mrs. C and her whole class will be exactly the same for 4th grade!
It feels so weird to think my baby is in 4th grade!!  
I told Lottie stories of when
 Claire and Jane were in 4th grade, and what they 
wore to their first days of school, who their teachers were, 
and what they were like "back then."
Lottie is a good mix of Clane!
In other news, Jane left the desert behind for the mountains of Alaska
 with Page and her family to finish off her summer.
I am so excited (and proud) of her adventurous spirit!
She will be back in North Carolina in September,
 and I'm really, really forward to that!

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