Sunday, August 15, 2021

A story about shoes.

 When I was in 6th grade for Christmas, I asked for a pair of Air Jordans.  
Real ones.
All the cool boys who were good at basketball had them.
Well, Greg Wing had them, and I wanted to be like the boys and
I really wanted to be good at basketball.
I felt I had earned the right to be a baller since my 
brothers were good, and I was a Clark.
I also wanted the boys to look at me and think,
"Wow, she's cute and good at basketball, she deserves those shoes!"
Anyway, so I asked for a pair for Christmas.
On Christmas morning, I woke up, and Santa had left me a pair
of  XJ-900's.

XJ-900s are the rip-off Jordan's made by Payless.
But I didn't know they weren't real.  
They looked pretty real to me, the same colors and style, 
plus I figured that my mom (Santa) wouldn't have bought Jordan's
without consulting my brothers first, especially since they were a little pricy.
So I put them on and wore them everywhere during Christmas break.
When Christmas break was over, and we went back to school, the
only reason I got up on that chilly bleak Monday morning in January
was to wear my new Jordans to school. I was so excited!
I put on my Girbaud jeans with my new XJ-900 "Jordans" and confidently
walked into my 6th-grade classroom, and literally the first 
thing that anyone said to me was (of course) from Greg Wing
and with disgust, he said, "Are those XJ-900s?"
Then I was like, "What?  What are XJ-900s?"
Then he was like, 
"You're shoes are!  Those are rip-off Jordans, you know that, right?
See my shoes; these are Jordan's, yours are fake from Payless."
My heart sank.
How could my mom do this to me?
I felt betrayed.
I went home, took them off, and never ever wore them again.

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