Monday, August 16, 2021

13 years! Happy RE-Birthday, Nielson Family!.

 Together with my beautiful family,
we celebrated our THIRTEENTH RE-BIRTHDAY!!
We've been rising up from the ashes since 2008.

We were so grateful that the accident anniversary landed on a Monday this year
because we got to talk to Claire in Brazil!

Also, Jane and Lindsay drove to the burn center in Arizona
where Christian and I were taken to be treated for our injuries/burns,
and delivered treats to the fine people who saved our lives!
I am eternally and thoroughly grateful to all our heroes;
the nurses, doctors, techs, and therapists forever and ever!
This is what Jane wrote on her IG:
Today marks 13 years since the accident. Every August 16th is special,
 but for me, this year, especially so. I had the opportunity to go with Lindsay 
(my second mother since being here in AZ) to the burn center, 
where we took some cookies to thank those doctors and nurses 
for the life-saving work that they do.
It was a unique experience for me to tap back into some of those old memories, 
but I am so grateful for it and for the support of Lindsay and my parents.
 (Thank you! ­čą▓)
Sometimes, when I see these pictures of our little family 
living a content, happy life in Mesa, I wonder why.
Oh, that poor family! And then I remember...that happened to MY family! What?!?
And it was hard. But now that I am older and understanding more, 
I can truly appreciate what it taught and is still teaching me!
God is aware, miracles do happen, and people are so good! 
My parents taught me so much through their examples of faith and perseverance.
I thank God for preserving our family and for making smart
 doctors who know how to care for trauma injuries.
And while our family isn't physically together this year,
 with Claire far away in Brazil, me here in AZ, 
and the rest of my family back in NC, the gang's all here!
So today, I feel grateful. ❤

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