Friday, June 25, 2021

Utah Bound

Early (like 4:00 am early), Jane dropped me off at the little Mesa airport
where I flew to Provo to spend the weekend in Utah.
(PS...I hate flying).
My mom was waiting for me in the airport lobby with her hands clasped
like she had been clapping.  I knew she was super excited to see me!
She hugged me, and we walked outside to the parking lot where my dad was waiting.
He hugged me, took my backpack, and opened my car door.
Then he drove us to breakfast, where we caught up and chatted about everything.
I came home and fell asleep on my mom's bed for a few hours.
When I woke up, we started preparing for a bridal shower
she was hosting for my nephew Jamison's wife, Savannah.
It was a lovely evening to connect with my sisters, sisters-in-law,
 cousins, and cute nieces out on my mom's back lawn.
In the morning, my brother Andrew sent me a text inviting me to
go to lunch with just my brothers at their exclusive 
once-a-week brothers' lunch, and I felt honored.
Jesse picked me up around noon, and it was so nice laughing
 around the table together, answering questions,
 and feeling loved and supported by them.  
Of course, we reminisced on funny stories when we were all younger.
We talked about Christian, the ranch, and his work.
They asked me what Gigs was into and if Lottie had picked
up a Southern accent.  They asked about 
Claire's mission, Jane living in Arizona, and Ollie and his motorcycles.
Stevie gave us a little insider scoop on the upcoming BYU football year,
Matt told us about the two little geese he and his daughter,
Harriet are raising together in their backyard.
Andrew was just made the newest bishop in his ward, 
and Jesse told us about the dance party he threw for his wife, Lindsay, for her
41st birthday that the cops came and shut down.
I love them so much and was grateful to be with them.
Of course, we talked about Topher and his absence from lunch.
Nothing is quite the same without him.
After lunch, Matt brought me home, but I lingered in the car
with him for a few minutes as we talked about life 
and a possible meet-up at the beach in Florida this summer.
When I've encountered challenging situations, I will often think
about Matt and how he'd handle it.  He's a good example.  All of my brothers are!
Later I drove my mom's car to visit my niece, Harriet, who works at a soda shop.
I ordered a drink and cookies and met Lucy at Topher's gravesite.
We sat together, talking about Topher and about life.
It was a great way to connect in a beautiful spot.
Later that evening, my dad picked up Cafe Rio, and together
we ate it in the living room, watching Fox News and Tucker Carlson
talking about UFOs.
Some things will never change, and I love it.
We stayed up talking about my life, Christian, and my children.
My dad closed the evening with a prayer, and my mom and I 
ventured off to bed (with Marley, the dog).
Dad made a little bed on the couch so I could sleep in his spot.
I hate being the only sibling so far away, but I am so
thankful I get some unique moments when I come home
with the ones I love, and today was evidence of that!
I felt very special and loved.

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