Thursday, June 24, 2021

Home from the Beach/Jonesons lunch project.

 We drove home from our glorious Joneson
 beach trip in Newport Beach.
With the girls (and Milo) in one car and the boys in the other
we began our journey home in the unprecedented heat! 
 (I've been reading that it's been an unusally scorching year).
We had to make an emergency stop in the middle of nowhere so 
Lindsay could help a screaming Milo tinkle.
It was NOT a good plan to send him outside without shoes.
The heat was overwhelming even as we stopped in the air-conditioned car
for just a few minutes!  
Once we were home and unpacked, Lindsay and I put together
the Joneson lunch project.
We put our kid's names in a hat and had each child
pick a name, and whoever they picked was who they got to 
plan, prepare, and clean up lunch for one day this week.
This is how it worked out:
Jane + Riggs
Oliver + Baron
Nicholas + Avrey
Charlotte + Milo
(Alivia was exempt since she works during lunch hours.)
Each duo got together and came up with some great lunch plans.
Lottie and Milo kicked off day one of the lunch project 
by making delicious boxed mac and cheese,
grapes, and warm juice, all while still in their PJs.
I love the Jonesons!

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