Saturday, May 15, 2021


Since COVID struck last year, ministering especially in homes
 has been really challenging for me.
Since I am in a leadership position in our congregation, I felt uneasy not
being able to check on several of our members in their homes.
When the vaccine came out I wasn't interested in getting it right away.
One day after meeting in the home of a very hesitant sister 
where we were socially distanced
and wearing masks, she casually told me that she feels more comfortable
around people who have gotten the vaccine.
And she wasn't the only one in our congregation.
There are several families, households, and individuals
 where medical issues are threatened by COVID.
So one day I prayed about it and felt I should make a list 
of all the people who I admire and love whom I know that have received the vaccine.
I had a nice size list.
I trust these people.  I love these people.
They wouldn't get a vaccine if they thought something bad would come of it.
Plus, Claire received her vaccination months ago so she could be
an effective missionary.
These people on my list, including Claire, are good strong people 
whom I admire deeply.
I decided I would receive the vaccine so I could be a better minister,
 missionary, and friend to them and others.
I would do that because I love and respect them.
I know many people who feel very different than me.
I know many people who don't like my reason for getting the vaccine
(on both sides!).
And all I can say is that this decision felt right for me.
So I made an appointment and before grocery shopping
I stopped by the clinic and got poked in the arm.
Later that evening I started feeling really achy all over.
I went to bed and took the next day off.

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