Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I miss you, Jane!.

We turned Lottie's room upside down as we
 began the slow meticulous process of going through toys, clothes,
 and stuff for the pending move at the end of the month.
For three days her room was a mess, but we got through it ending up
with several bags of garbage and several bags to give away.
On the third day, of simultaneously helping Gigs with homeschool
 and going through baskets of stuff I went downstairs
 because I needed a Dr. Pepper in the worst way- and it wasn't even the weekend!
I went into the garage fridge to retrieve the prize and saw the
 mailman out the window delivering our mail so before going inside
 I picked up the mail where I discovered a letter from Jane to me.
It was a late Mother's Day card.  I opened it up even before I went inside.
I read it and sobbed. I know I am Jane's mother and 22 years older than her,
 but the wisdom and love in her card to me was just what I needed 
to hear at that exact moment.  
How did I get so lucky to have such beautiful wonderful children?
Jane and I use Marco Polo to communicate while she's in Arizona.
Since there is a three-hour time difference, we can't 
seem to be on at the same time, 
but I grabbed my phone to message her (even though I knew she was at work)
 to let her know how much her card meant to me.
I also thanked her for coordinating the Nies Mother's Day gift to me
 (a weighted blanket.  I've always wanted one!)
And almost daily, I photograph the plants around the house because
we get so excited when we see a new leaf sprouting, especially 
from the plants, she propagated herself.
She's quite the green thumb.

I showed her a photo that I had taken a year ago of Lottie in front of my 
plant window and what it looks like today.  It's amazing!
Or sometimes I take photos of Angus being cute (and naughty on my couch)
because I know she would appreciate it:
Or we laugh at how horrible we look while we talk to each other.
For example:

I miss her so much.

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