Sunday, May 23, 2021

Sister Time.

Since Lottie lost both her sisters in March, she decided to make 
a little interactive sister scrapbook.  
The first few pages of the book are full of her colorful drawings, 
fun questionnaires, memories, and stickers. 
Her plan is to pass the book on
to Jane in Arizona, who would fill a few pages, too, and then send it to 
Claire, in New Hampshire (hopefully, she'd have a few minutes on P-day to join in),
 then Claire would then send it back to Lottie in North Carolina
and they'd start all over again.
There is a pretty cute "all about me" section in the front where Lottie introduces herself
and writes her favorite color, animal, treat, game, book, 
and favorite Spiderman actor (Tom Holland).
She even researched some sister-themed things, like
an incredible mountain in Alberta, Canada, called The Three Sister Peaks.
They are known individually as Big Sister (Claire), Middle Sister (Jane),
 and Little Sister (Lottie).
Then she found this perfect drawing of a tall brown-haired girl (Claire)
with two smaller redhead girls (Jane & Lottie).  
She also picked some dainty little flowers unique to North Carolina
and pressed them in the book.
Lottie has been diligent in creating this cute creative sister book
and works on it on quiet Sunday afternoons, 
after school and in the evenings when we're all just
lounging around the house.  

When Lottie was little, she used to watch Disney's Elena of Avalor.
One morning she was watching an episode where Elena and her
 sister sing a song together called "Sister Time." 
It's super catchy and annoying, and cute, and we've been singing it ever since.
It's now turned into a joke between the girls, and
they sing it all the time when they're together.
Sometimes when we're driving in the car, I'll play it loud
and even though they "hate" it, they know every word.
Love my girls.

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