Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Let May begin!.

 Today I fell asleep in Lottie's carpool lane.  
The cars in front of me moved ahead, and I didn't.
It was embarrassing, and I've never done that before.
Hot quiet car, stress, and exhaustion all mixed together are responsible
for my honking blunder.

When I got home, I sat on the porch swing to watch
Lottie on her scooter talking to herself and enjoying the 
occasional thunder and the warm wind blow.
It was very peaceful.
Lottie got a gift card for her birthday from her Godmother, Reachel
and with it, she bought a cool new watch.
It shows her heart rate, how many steps she takes throughout the day,
it also takes (super low-res) photos, 
but the best part is that I can text her.
Last Saturday, we watched The Kentucky Derby.
We all picked our horses, and Lottie wrote them down.
Ollie's horse, Medina Spirit, won!
May wouldn't May without watching the Kentucky Derby!

I've been thinking about my wonderful conversation with Sister Claire
yesterday. She's doing great and had some good updates on
Covid restrictions (she can visit inside homes with masks),
her visa, and getting to Brazil
(a few other missionaries she knows left for Brazil!).
She wants to go so badly.
She's learning so many good lessons about communication,
people, and how to feel God's love.
She's teaching me so many good things, too.
 It's not the ideal time to start a company and take such 
big risks and steps. Every day I ask God to help me increase my faith.
Together with Christian, we move forward and push on.
We've experienced lots of rejection, disappointments, and uncertainty.
Now we know why we were inspired to pick our 2021 Family Theme:

It's for RIGHT NOW.
I always knew it was essential to hear the voice of the Lord
but it's not just important; it's VITAL.

Big things will happen in May. I just know it.

I have read these powerful words by Elder Holland a thousand times
while praying and earnestly hoping for God's grace and help.
"... one's life … cannot be both faith-filled and stress-free." 
It simply will not work "to glide naively through life,"
 saying as we sip another glass of lemonade, 
"Lord, give me all thy choicest virtues, 
but be certain not to give me grief, nor sorrow, nor pain, nor opposition. 
Please do not let anyone dislike me or betray me, and above all,
 do not ever let me feel forsaken by Thee or those I love. In fact, Lord, 
be careful to keep me from all the experiences that made Thee divine. 
And then, when the rough sledding by everyone else is over,
 please let me come and dwell with Thee, 
where I can boast about how similar our strengths and our characters 
are as I float along on my cloud of comfortable Christianity."

Oh Lord, help my unbelief!
* * * * *

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