Saturday, April 03, 2021

Happy 9th Birthday, Lottie!

Today my dear Lottie turned NINE!  
I can't believe it!!!
Her early April birthday always seems to
 conflict with general conference and Easter,
but we try and make it fun nonetheless.
The first session of general conference was on her birthday so we
decided to plan activities before the first session of conference 
(she wanted to make crepes):
In between sessions.
 (we went on the scooters to get boba):
 After the second conference:
 (we took the kids to the trampoline park).
And during the Priesthood session:
(the girls got ice cream, drinks, and
went to Zuppas; her favorite restaurant for
 cheese sandwiches and tomato soup)
I think we packed in a pretty wonderful day for her.
She deserves the very best.  She's such a joy, and
so happy and obedient.  For the past week, she's been the only girl
with all these boys; Ollie, Gigs, Baron, Riggs, & Milo.

Conference was AMAZING!  There were so many wonderful talks given.
I went into conference with a prayer in my heart for our situation,
specifically all the unanswered questions I have about why I 
was inspired to stop pubically blogging, but still 
feel so uneasy and frustrated since doing it.
I thought I'd stop blogging because I felt prompted to do so and the 
Lord would help me see why I did,
or He would replace my blog with other missionary opportunities.  
And that hasn't happened yet, and all I feel is empty, and regret.
Also, I wanted answers, peace, and revelation through conference for
BOV-IQ, financial, and family relationships.
I am so grateful we get to re-read and re-listen to these talks because,
I'm so excited to devour them again in a few days.

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