Sunday, April 04, 2021

Easter Sunday/Conference

President Nelson opened conference saying: 
"As we listen to the messages that have been carefully prepared by our
 leaders under the direction of the Holy Ghost, I invite you to pray to identify
 the debris you should remove from your life so you can become more worthy."
That idea of "debris" spoke so strongly to me. 
I know there is so much debris in my life
that makes it hard for me to let the Holy Ghost witness 
and identify truths in my life that either I'm missing or ignoring. 
 It motivated me to want to change.
I want to be better.  
I want to see growth and a brighter future and I feel like
I have so much unnecessary debris making it hard for me to organize my life.
But conference helped me feel recharged with a desire to try.
That was a good thing.
After the first session, we started cooking dinner; making the rolls,
cakes, salads, and cutting up the veggies.
Easter dinner at home is usually a very formal event,
and we wear our best dresses.
Since we were visiting Arizona it was very casual and easy.
It was a welcomed change.

I cooked scalloped cheese potatoes,
made a frozen fruit slushie 
(Christian makes fun of me for using the word "slushie"
he thinks it's an 80's word.)
We grilled asparagus with fresh Arizona citrus,
I made a green salad with an AZ citrus dressing, and two angel food cakes
with pink whipped cream for dessert.
Linds made her famous delicious rolls which always is the best
part of the whole meal.
After dinner, we left the house (with all the dishes still on the table)
and took the Joneses scooter's around the neighborhood 
before the sun went down.
The orange blossoms smelled DELICIOUS as we zipped
neighborhoods on sidewalks, and behind the canals.
It was one of the best nights of the trip!
We came home from the scooter ride and sang to Lottie,
and ate her cake!

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