Thursday, March 18, 2021


 For two days a film crew was at The White House filming an interview
 for the Arizona Burn Center Night Of Heros gala at the end of April.  
The footage and interviews they got will also be used in the feature film-length movie.  
Last summer we were supposed to hike Mt. Kilamanjaro with other burn survivors.  
Covid blew those plans.  We were planning on going this summer but again, 
Covid strikes again.
We are hoping the third time is the charm.
SUMMER 2022!!!
Our interviews were long and exhausting.  
I shared my feelings and thoughts and what
 I remembered about the accident and my recovery.  
It was really emotional and by the end of the day, I was exhausted! 
I sat in bed that night with Christian next to me thinking about
our accident and the journey we've been on.
Sometimes I wonder with present hardships and some pain why 
I'm not stronger and more courageous.
Sometimes my faith waxes and wanes.  
I know the Savior wants me to find solace in Him and His
atoning sacrifice He made for me.
I need to rely on, and put my trust in Him more!
This is not optional, it's critical!
I'm trying.
I wish I could conjure my inner amazing self to remind me
what I can do, and the power I have inside.
Sometimes I wonder where it went.
I need to pull up my medical accident photos to give me strength.
They are incredibly graphic and scary to look at,
but so powerful and inspiring to me to see how far I've come
and what I am capable of overcoming!

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