Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Cattle Convention Day 1 & 2 /St. George/Hurricane/Zion National Park

On our last day in St. George, we drove to Hurricane
 (about 20 minutes from our hotel)
 to drop Christian off at his cattle convention.  I was so proud of him! 
 His dreams are coming true- he's making this company a reality. 
 Slowly but surely all his hard HARD work is paying off.
 It's been one heck of a LONG ROAD, and we're still not there yet,
 but he's doing it!! 
 After we dropped him off we went to lunch and Swig for drinks. 
 It's so nice being somewhere with familiar food and lots of options.  
That's one downer about North Carolina- not a lot of options- 
which is probably for the best or I'd be 200 pounds.
We drove by the Manti temple which is deep in construction mode.  
It's still so beautiful and reminds me of Elder Holland.
Then I drove the Nies around showing them 
some of the places I visited as a
silly high school spring break-er in the '90s.
We went back to the hotel and took a nap, went swimming, 
and Oliver, Jane, and I did a Barre3 class.
Later in the evening we pilled back in the car and picked up Christian 
(we were late, and he was the only one left at the convention..doh!!!).
We drove to Zupas (Lottie's fav) and had dinner. 
 Jane was feeling a little bit anxious about taking the plunge and 
moving to Arizona.  We went back to the
 hotel and watched Christian and the boys swim while we
 talked about her upcoming future and life. 
I assured her everything would be alright.
How could anything go wrong with Lindsay?  She's the best!
But also, we both just really miss Claire.
In the morning, Christian woke up super early on and caught a 
ride to his cattle convention in Orderville, Utah.
The Nies and I woke up and since the exercise room was closed
Jane and I ran the hotel stairs together and
 Lottie went swimming again (it was freezing outside!!).
Then we grabbed lunch (Cafe Rio, Einsteins, Chick-Fil-A, and Swig, AGAIN) 
and drove through Zion National Park on our way to pick up Christian
 at the convention in Hurricane.
Zion's was BEAUTIFUL!!  
The Nies loved driving through the glorious canyons,
 and I scored a lifetime National Parks pass, too!
We got to the entrance where the park ranger asked me my name, 
and if I was a US citizen.  I confirmed the afimative and then she wrote down some
 information on a clipboard then handed me a special card.  
She told me that it was a very special card because it was a
  lifetime pass to any national park, forest service, fish and game,
and some other places.
I think the park ranger thought I had a disability because
she presented the card to me like I was disabled
and well, you know I kind of look it...I guess.  
The Nies and I laughed soooo hard- especially Oliver.  
He was so excited and keeps the card in his wallet.  
He's proud of it because he tells everyone about it!
We picked up Mr. Nielson at his last convention and he was smiling ear to ear.  
His presentation about BOV-IQ went great!
 He was relieved it was over, but so happy with his work there!  
He brought a box full of hats to give out, and he did!
We brought him Cafe Rio which was eaten on the top of the car while
the rest of us stretched our legs and took a bathroom break in the wilderness.
Then we were on the road again headed to Gilbert!

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