Tuesday, February 16, 2021

She Wants More

 As I was doing school with Lottie and Gigs at the table,
 Jane came flying down the stairs.
Her denim shirt had sweaty stains and her hands were shaking.
  "Mom, mom oh my gosh, mom!  I called two hotels to see if they 
were hiring and they both pretty much gave me an interview 
over the phone, and I think I got a job!"
Last December Jane quit her job on the farm.  
She was tired of her hair smelling like manure, 
tired of being the farm babysitter to the owner's
 irritating 4-year-old daughter who would follow her around everywhere.
And of course, she wanted more hours and more money. 
The farm was a wonderful experience for 
Jane and she LOVED working with the cows.
But she wants more. 
Last week I suggested she go to Arizona and live
 with Lindsay and Spencer where she could
 get a job, go to a singles ward, and most importantly DATE!!!!  
That made her really excited and immediately she began job hunting in that area.
This summer she has plans to go on a study abroad trip with options
to visit either Alaska, Hawaii, or Europe.  
(She's leaning toward the Alaska trip).
I'm so excited for her and so grateful she is willing to try hard things
 to expand her learning and growing experiences.  
She will miss Claire so terribly while she is on her mission, 
and I've worried about how "Clane" will handle this break-up.
Jane's new opportunities will fill her life with happiness, knowledge, experience, and most importantly, boys!! ;)
She is so beautiful and I want so much for her.
 I realize I can't offer much right now
 especially in our meager financial situation, but am so proud
of her taking the initiative and making life happen.
She's an inspiration to me.
(Jane cooking bread with me in New Jersey, 2004)

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