Monday, February 15, 2021

Garlic & Ginger

Around the table at dinner tonight I shared with the Nies and experience 
I had while out and about grocery shopping.
In the car, I listened to this week's scripture reading
in the Doctrine and Covenants which is very short, and
  in my opinion, some of the best and most powerful counsel.
 "Behold, blessed are you for this thing, and for speaking my words 
which I have given you according to my commandments.
 And now, behold, I say unto you, that the thing which will be 
of the most worth unto you will be to declare repentance
 unto this people, that you may bring souls unto me, 
that you may rest with them in the kingdom of my Father. Amen."
Then I pulled into the parking lot of Trader Joe's and waited
in a line in the rain for 15 minutes to get inside.
 I went to the frozen food section where I usually find my minced cubed garlic.
This is one of those food items that I stock up on every time I shop
because I go through a package of it at least once a week.
It's kind of vital to my cooking.
I was very disappointed when there was no minced garlic to be found.
There was however plenty of minced ginger that comes in the same packaging.
I should know because one time about a year ago I bought like 
5 packs of ginger thinking it was garlic.
I'm still creatively trying new recipes that call for minced ginger.
Today as I was searching for the garlic 
I noticed another lady standing close to me
watching me.  I decided to start looking through the ginger packs
just in case a pack of garlic was hiding underneath.
And wouldn't you know it, a huge stack of garlic lay hidden under
several packs of ginger. 
 Then I began putting them in my cart when the lady who
was watching me said, "wait, is that garlic?"  
"Yes", I replied "I found them hiding under the ginger.  
Looks like there is plenty
how many do you need?"  Then I began putting several in her cart and mine.
"Oh my goodness!  I am so glad you found them!" She said to me.
"I couldn't find them anywhere.
Thank you so much for finding them!"
Then I remembered the scripture that I had just heard in the car
that THE MOST WORTH to us is to teach about Jesus Christ.
and teach repentance and the joy of forgiveness.
I have the sweet gospel fully in my life and I want to share this
with everyone, just like the woman who wanted garlic but couldn't find
it.  I have the gospel and I can give it to her. 
More than that I WANT to give it to her!!
It reminded me of another scripture in the Doctrine and Convents;
"For there are many yet on the earth....kept from the truth because they
 know not where to find it."
I taught the Nies tonight that if Christ told us that the most 
important work is to share His gospel with others,
then this is what we should be spending our time doing.
Yesterday we took treats to a neighbor who we see every day
but haven't officially met.  
I called a woman in our congregation whose sister had passed away recently.
She was heartbroken and I had called to comfort her,
 but instead, I hung up the phone
 with a better understanding of God's plan for me.
We also took and shared our Valentine's Day dinner with a friend whose
 husband recently passed away very unexpectedly.
Today on my way home I asked the Lord to forgive me for being
so sad and consumed by my own struggles and worries lately that I 
didn't open my eyes to the service and joy that is all around me.
I needed the garlic and ginger experience to help me to recommit myself
to service, to open my mouth, and share what is "of the most worth".
I'm grateful that He shows His love to us through others,
and through experiences like garlic and ginger.
{Jane with her cute cousin, Harriet, 2013
Justin Hackworth}
PS... on Valentine's Day, Jane and Claire made the cutest most 
delicious homemade marshmallows
with our favorite liquid gold hot chocolate!

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