Wednesday, January 06, 2021

New Years 2021

I think New Year's Eve is one of my favorite nights of the year! 
I love decorating the house with glitter and sparkles, and I love 
to pull out our bublie glasses, light lots of candles,
and our put on our New Year headbands.
This year on New Year's Eve we took the Nies out to dinner and donuts.
 But, donuts before dinner, obviously.
While at dinner, we played a game where someone closes their eyes
 and one at a time we each put our hands in the person closing their eyes hands
 and they try and guess who's hand whos.  
It was actually really hard...well except for my hand.  
My hand was a dead giveaway what with my left pinkie missing and all.
It was a good way to share our last meal of the year together!
At home, we played games to stay awake- although it wasn't hard for us
  since everyone in The White House has been going to bed 
at 1:00 am for the last 2 weeks.
Around 11:30 we turned on the TV so we could watch the ball drop in NYC, 
but that was a HUGE waste of time.  
That show was horrible.  The performers were the worst,
and I was so embarrassed, but mostly mad when we turned on the TV to see
 a woman hardly dressed (and what she had on was skin-colored) 
doing something like dancing...but not dancing since it was so disgusting. 
 I'd not like to bring porn in my home to start the 2021 year thankyouverymuch. 
What is wrong with the world?  I was discouraged.
But really what did I expect where morals and values are
pretty much nonexistent in the entertainment world.
 Being "entertained" is overrated these days.
What a disgrace to 2021. Seriously, I was so appalled.  
So we promptly turned it off and vowed to never
ever, ever watch that again.  
Instead, we went outside and let off some fireworks, dank bublie,
and danced to Auld Lang Syne (with about 7 different versions and singers)
to welcome 2021. 
Then bright and early the next day, I took Christmas down.
I love this quote by singer, Brad Paisley:

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