Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Happy Birthday Oliver/ SIXTEEN!

Last Saturday on the 2nd, Oliver turned the BIG 16!!
I can't believe he's SIXTEEN years old!
I found these cute photos of us taken on his FIRST birthday 
when we were living in New Jersey.
Back then Ollie and I would sit on the couch and watch the sisters dance
around in their dress-ups for hours.  
I felt somewhat guilty when the only thing I gave Ollie for his
birthday (did I mention he's 16?!) was a nice new package of undies.
That's it!  Sadly the other things I ordered for him didn't come in time.
But he didn't seem to mind as long as he could go to the 
shooting range with Gigs and Christian, get sushi for lunch, and
I make him a Mexican chocolate cake with cinnamon frosting
he'd be just fine.
And he was just fine because he's the sweetest boy in the world.
Also, Jane made him homemade English muffins for breakfast
and they were to DIE FOR.
Christian made him a delicious egg muffin sandwich and we went upstairs
to his room to give it to him but he was still snoozing, 
so we let him sleep and Christian ate it instead.
In the evening I made pizza for dinner (then the oven stopped working),
and then we watched a movie together.
Except I put Lottie to bed becuase I'm trying to prepare her to get 
back into the school schedule.  
We've all been going to bed WAY late and sleeping in!

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