Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Welcome Christmas!!

We're ready for Christmas!
Christmas cards are all written, addressed, and sent out.
Santa bed up.  
The Santa bed is when the Nies push together thier beds and 
add mattresses and blankets to make a giant bed.
Years ago when they started this tradition, they named it the "Santa bed".
This year the Santa bed is upstairs in the girls room.
  Santa bed lives on!
Angus got his Christmas cut.
Christmas games are out (and treats too!).
We played our first match of Life today.
My last of the decorations are up.
My cute niece, Amy, hand paints gorgeous wooden dolls
and this year I asked her to paint 
 several characters from The Nutcracker.
Today they came!! And I about died!
They are so beautiful!
And, the movie marathon begins.
This year we are watching The Mandalorian 
(again because it's amazing!).
Movie Marathon 2015

Merry Christmas!

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